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Cyrus the Great

He was a legendary Persian king who ruled over a vast empire from Indus valley to Aegon Sea which included Media, Persia, Asia Minor, and Babylonia. For Cyrus Day Click Here. It was the first biggest empire in human history and he also wrote the first Charter of Human Rights. In historical sources Cyrus the great is not only known as a conqueror and a military strategist but he is also known as a liberator, tolerant of other cultures and religions.

Greek historian Xenophon in his book Cyropediae wrote:

Cyrus kingship in itself bears witness that it was the most noble And greatest of those in Asia, for it was bordered on the east by the Indian Ocean, on the north by the Black Sea, on the west by Cyprus And Egypt, toward the south by Ethiopia. Despite its size, it was governed by one judgment, that of Cyrus, and he honoured and was attentive to those under him just as to his own children, and his subjects Venerated Cyrus as a father. The name Cyrus is mentioned 23 times in the Old testament as the anointed one and the chosen one (Isaiah 45:13)

I will rise up Cyrus in my righteousness:

I will make all his ways straight.

He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free,

but not for a price or reward, says the LORD Almighty."

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Cyrus Cylinder

The Cyrus Cylinder was found in 1879 during excavation in Babylon and is kept at British museum. Because of its reference to just and peaceful rule, restoration of deported people and their gods the Cylinder has been referred to in some quarters as a kind of “First charter of human rights ” and for that reason a replica of the cylinder is kept at United Nations headquarter in New York. Cyrus Cylinder at British museum

The original translation

Some peaceful part of Cylinder, Line 25 to 36

Line 25: I wanted the safety in city of Babylon and all its temples. Line 26: I relieved their exhaustion; I freed them from their bonds. Marduk, the great lord, joys at my good manners. Line 27: and he pronounced a sweet blessing over me, Cyrus, the king who fears him, and over Cambyses, the son and over all my troops, Line 28: That we might live happily in his attendance, in well-being. At his glorious command, all kings who sit on thrones, Line 29: from every quarter, from the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea, those who occupy and the kings of the land of Amurru who live in tents, all of them, Line 30: brought their big tribute into Shuanna, and kissed my feet. From Shuanna I sent back to their places to the city of Ashur and Susa, Line 31: Akkad, the land of Eshnunna, the city of Zamban, the city of Meturnu, Der, as far as the border of the land of Guti - the temples across the river Tigris - whose shrines had earlier become falling down, Line 32: the gods who lived there, and made permanent temple for them. I collected together all of their people and returned them to their settlements, Line 33: and the gods of the land of Sumer and Akkad which Nabonidus – to the anger of the lord of the gods – had brought into Shuanna, at the command of Marduk, the great lord, Line 34: I returned them unharmed to their cells, in the temples that make them happy. May all the gods that I returned to their temples, Line 35: every day before Bel and Nabu, ask for a long life for me, and mention my good manners, and say to Marduk, my lord, this: “Cyrus, the king who fears you, and Cambyses his son, Line 36: The population of Babylon call blessings on my kingship, and I have enabled all the lands to live in peace.

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Discover: Cyrus Day Event

Cyrus Day539bc is the organization to celebrate The Day of Cyrus the Great or Cyrus Day event every year and in both October 2009 and 2010 The days celebrated successfully for the first time in Cambridge.

You can watch the previous events by joining to the Persian Wonders

2009 Pictures | 2009 Preview | 2010 Preview

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The topic of the Cyrus Day event will only explain the Achaemenid dynasty not only the Cyrus the great himself.

2010 Event

Topic of the programme: Mentioned about Cyrus the great and his legacy, architecture design of Persepolis and Pasargadae.

Presenters: Mr Kaveh Jahanshahi & Mrs Anoosheh Fallahfard.

Speech: By our special guest Mr. Kourosh Afhami Kourosh Afhami is an architect and co-founder of the Persepolis3D project, which is currently creating a virtual reconstruction of Persepolis and Pasargadae. Mr Afhami has co-produced a documentary film in partnership with the German Television Hessischer Rundfunk regarding Persepolis and its reconstruction. He has lectured about the Achaemenid architecture at British museum (the forgotten empire exhibition ),

Live traditional Persian Music by Magham Ensemble

2010 Preview

2009 Event

Topic of the programme: How Cyrus the great came to power and mentioned his Cylinder

Presenter: Mrs Fahim Rochford

Speech in Persian: Mrs Mahvash Shamloo

Speech in English: Mr John Drew

Live traditional Persian Music by Chakavak Ensemble

2009 Event Pictures | Event Preview

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